Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Knowledge Sharing in Greater China - September 2011

This month we traveled to China and Taiwan to deliver two customized Pentaho training on several Pentaho topics. One of the benefits of a customized agenda is that we get to go beyond the basics and really dig into topics that aren't generally available. 

Being in open source, many users of Pentaho will have some exposure to the platform already and require less beginners information. That allows us to jump right into the subjects! However if you are new to Pentaho, Pentaho Bootcamps are still a great way to get deep information and walk away with actionable information.

Special thanks to our partners for helping us organize and deliver these engagements: Omniwaresoft in Taiwan and EmbraceSoft in China. 

Pentaho Hadoop & Data Integration - Hsinchu, Taiwan
In Taiwan, we focused on some really new technology with Pentaho and Hadoop. It's not widely circulated information yet, and there is still a bit of confusion as to what Pentaho and Hadoop do, so drop us a line if you would like to know more. Here was our one day agenda:

- Overview
- Pentaho BI Platform and Data Integration Server
- Pentaho Hadoop Enterprise
- Pentaho Data Integration & ETL Labs- ETL from log4j log file through FTP
- Pentaho Report Designer
- Labs Reporting with Hive
- Labs Reporting with MySQL
- Conclusion and further discussion

Pentaho Agile BI, Reporting & CDF - Beijing, China
Agile BI is a huge buzzword in BI these days, but in most cases it means next to nothing. Pentaho's approach with Agile BI is about driving results and data visualizations as quick as possible, and with your users sitting right beside you. No more turnaround time for reports and analytics!

Finally, Pentaho's report creation tools are second to none. The technical flexibility of the Pentaho platform, the integration with PDI means there's nothing we can't do with Pentaho Reporting. We also covered integration topics such as using YUI and FusionCharts with Community Dashboard Framework

Here was our two day agenda:

Day 1
- Getting started
- Agile BI
- Workshop: Designing Reports, Pentaho Report Designer

Day 2
- Parametrization
- Authoring Dynamic Reports
- Data Integration for Reporting (Seemless integration of ETL and reporting)
- Yahoo User Interface Library + FusionCharts
- Community Dashboard Framework

And here are some pictures from our trip:

ITRI in Hsinchu, Taiwan

Lido Place, Beijing

The new Taipei terminal!

Landing in Beijing